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Our Technology
spinnaker plot

Over the last 30 years the technology available to the sailmaker has changed and improved significantly.

At Yacht Sails we now have sophisticated computer programs for modelling the shape of sails, developing panel layouts and very accurately cutting panels.

The manufacturers of sail cloth are continually developing new and better products which we are able to incorporate into our designs. Each of these manufacturers knows that providing good products with good technical support is the way to sell sail cloth. We use this to the maximum benefit of our customers. You can be assured we will recommend the best material for your needs.

Please review some of the latest developments in sail cloth by visiting the manufacturers web sites.


At Yacht Sails we pride ourselves on using the most appropriate latest technology, however these sophisticated tools are only as good as the people who drive them. We have the experience to know the right sail shapes for your boat in your conditions. We have the expertise to translate this ideal shape into a high performance racing sail or a well shaped long lasting cruising sail.


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